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Beware the Slope!

Stone Mountain is full of warning signs. "Do not cross the fence!" "200 foot falls ahead. Fatalities have occurred here. Use extreme caution!" "Injury or death possible. Stay on the marked trail!" A few years ago, I read the heart-wrenching story of a hiker who, ignoring the warning signs, went over the safety fence at sunset on Stone Mountain in Georgia. An 'independent thinker' and experienced rock climber, this individual somehow felt that the rules did not really apply to him. He often crossed such fences. However, at a certain point, as the slope increased, he slipped in the near darkness and the laws of physics took over. The hiker slid ...

Becoming ‘Great’

Do not pursue position and recognition. Instead, seek to represent the Lord Jesus by humbly serving and blessing others. In God's eyes, this makes you 'great'!